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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OOOOO MY LAWWWWDDDD!!!! Thank U Jesus!!!

Sooooo whats good with all the celebs and these nekkid pics???? Cassie, RiRi, Kelis, that sweet girl from high school musical!!! Well it seems to always be ladies gettin butt assed for the camera..........until now!! Yes Yes Yes Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic shows us what he's working with!! Its not "upright" but shiiiiddddd it's alright!! And his body girrrrrrrrrrrrl his body is nice and tyte!! (Yea I rhyme 2) Its about damn time we see some BEEEEEEEF- I'm sick of seeing titts and ass tyme 2 see some Dick!! Yea i said it!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DAMNNNNN Girl's Get Yo Shit Together!!!

Soooooo Since we're speaking of people ruining their careers!! Sara Stokes (remember her from making the band???) was arrested for stabbing her husband in front of her three kids last night!! Here is her Mug Shot!!! Its not like she had much of a career anyway seeing as though we haven't seen much of her since Diddy Deaded "The Band" years ago!! But what ever happened to getting back on your feet or just living a normal life!! Not Stabbin' your husband in front of your little one's - Where dey do that at????? That's a damn shame to she was a very pretty woman!! And from the looks of this pic - She was going thru some shit!!! Come on Ladies we can do better!! But I wonder what he did 2 make her poke him a couple times!! Maybe he was slappin' her around? Will let u kno if i come across a motive!


So it seems like a hood epidemic!! Everyone want 2 be a rapper/dope boy!! I just get really disgusted when people make it and then can't act right!! U make music - u have a fan base- u have millions of dollars- and UUUUU still can't get ur shit together!!! I'll give u a few examples TI, DMX, Jeezy, Wayne, Gucci!!! Last week Gucci Mane, Nicky M, and Oj Da Juiceman were supposed to do a show in Chicago!! They never fucking show up!!! Hundreds of people paid for a show and didn't get 2 see it cuz mofo's just can't get with it!!! Gucci's ass ended up locked up and now has 2 go 2 rehab and the verdict is still out on what happened to the other performers!! U are successful why must u fuck it up - reduce ur fan base- and blemish ur professional reputation! Let the hood dreams go! Focus on your craft and Get yo shit together!! SMDH

Monday, August 10, 2009

Y they so Obssessed with Each Other??? Man i wannna kno!!

So for those of you that have been sleeping under a rock for a while Mariah Carey and Slim Shady are in a serious beef/lovers spat/publicity stunt!! So there was gossip about her relationship with Slim before her marriage to Nick and apparently its getting pretty heated! Mariah is claimin that she was never kickin it with E!!! Well clearly E gets pissed and puts Mrs.Carey Cannon on blast!! Maybe she shud stick 2 R&B and leave the Beef 2 the people who do it best cuz in Eminem's new "the warning" he goes in on her!! SMDH ROTF and LMAOOO

The Cuse Got Talent!!!

California Gold Rush

So Check out this Mixtape "The California Gold Rush" created by one of the Cuse's own- Linton B!!! It's pretty decent some real chill type shit!

Me likey : )

Wanna see more this artist visit?

Monday, April 6, 2009


Check out these Loser ass negros at my school actin a fool at Kimmel!!! Ever wonder y it take 25 years 2 get some wedges after a party!! this is y cuz ppl actin a damn fool when all i'm trynna do is get a two piece and a biscuit!! lmaoooo JKJKJKJk these my boos lol!! crazy and all look at Dulla and this blue ass sigma jacket!! SMH at the Neo's!!!

Listen to Jeff "Can i get on the video can i get on the video" lmaoooo

"U wanna be on my blog officer" lmao

Did u catch the fact that Al can't fight? hahahahhaa

also look at Taj!! lmao

All I want 2 know is where n the hell was i? Probably eatin cuz thats what ur supposed 2 do a kimmel not act like a bunch of fuckin clowns!! JKJKJk I <3 u guys!!

HAHAHAHAHHA My Homeboy Jerry Goin Hard on Some Girl in Goldstein

OMG OMG OMFG I have never seen some ignorant shit like this before in my whole life!!! This nigga Jerry blacked on some chick in goldstein in front of everybody!!! Cudnt have been me i wuda whooped his ass!!!! But i guess some of these NYC chicks be frontin flappin them jaws cuz me n this nigga wud have been throwin blows!! Fuck outta here callin her a Nacho chesse eatin dick sucka!!!!! ROTF Come on Girl hit me up we gonna go get this nigga together i feel bad 4 U!! Woooooooooooowwwwwww (in flava flave voice)